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Technical University (TU9)

Once a student has decided to study at a Technical University (refer here to know more about technical universities), it is important to get to know which are the best technical universities in Germany. The nine best technical universities in Germany are part of an exclusive group, called as the TU9. This consortium of universities was established in 2003 to bring together the leading universities in Germany, especially in the fields of engineering sciences. For more information relating to the history of the TU9, please check out the following page .  

The nine universities part of the TU9 consortium are listed below. The reputed technological fields for which respective universities are also mentioned. 

RWTH Aachen University – Mechanical engineering and material sciences

Technical University Berlin -  Economics and Finance engineering

Technical University Braunschweig

Technical University Dresden – Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering

Technical University Darmstadt – Electrical Engineering

Leibniz University Hannover – Mathematics, Natural sciences

Karlsruhe University of Technology – Electrical, Electronics Engineering

Technical University Munich – Computational Engineering, Aerospace engineering 

University of Stuttgart – Automotive engineering, Aerospace engineering 

The TU9 enjoy a lion's share of funding provided by the German government. A large number of Nobel laureates and eminent research and industry professionals are from these nine universities. These universities are the hallmarks for research and teaching in Germany and have excellent connections with the some of the best industries in the world. They are also reputed for encouraging admissions to international students and promoting multi-culturalism.

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